The Bandera Firm was founded in Brescia in 1995, and it provides its clients with qualified and multidisciplinary professional counsel on tax, corporate and legal issues for businesses, corporations, and families, flanked by training and refresher courses offered to clients as a valuable added service.

The firm has, over the years, also opened a prestigious office in Milan and two representative offices – in both Rome and Brussels – in order to be closer to Italian and international institutional headquarters.

The Bandera firm has a team composed of certified public accountants, lawyers, consultants, and auditors with cross-functional skills that complement each other to offer well-rounded services with complete fulfillments of client needs.

The firm has always invested in the growth and constant updating of its professionals by offering its clients high quality standards as well as innovative solutions.


Certified public accountants, lawyers, consultants, and auditors



The case history or case study is the ideal tool for learning. In the world of professional counseling and advocacy, there is no set method for achieving success in litigation or for achieving economic and business goals. Each case is subjective, but from each case, from each success, and sometimes even from shortcomings, one learns and improves. The Bandera Firm has selected some cases, followed by its professionals, that were relevant.