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The firm has followed-from the stages of preparation, negotiation, to final execution-an extensive number of structured corporate transactions including, but not limited to, acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, mergers, demergers, transfers of business and assets in general, corporate transformations, voluntary liquidations, and extraordinary finance transactions.

In addition, the firm supports companies in the development of business plans and industrial plans both for internal purposes and as information tools to third parties instrumental in obtaining capital from external parties.

The Firm’s professionals are constantly engaged in dealing in the best possible way with every aspect of extraordinary transactions and the different phases in which they are divided. Each task is carried out in full integration with the professional areas of the Firm by not neglecting the details and seeking innovative and dedicated solutions for each client. The aim of the Firm’s professionals is to manage all aspects and implications arising from the financing requirements and/or financial structure of the operation, as well as related to contractual, labor and tax issues.