The many years of experience, gained by the firm’s professionals in their own different areas of expertise, enable them to support entrepreneurs and companies during the various strategic stages of corporate life.

a. Due-diligence activities, drafting of appraisals and corporate and business valuations

Through technical procedures, the firm takes care of assessing the value of businesses, companies, corporate or private assets, together with related due diligence and sworn expert appraisal activities.

b. Preparation of pro-veritate opinions

The presence of professionals, who have developed their expertise in various fields, allows the firm to prepare pro-veritate opinions on a wide range of corporate issues.

c. Consulting and support in generational transition management

The firm helps its clients with issues related to the management, protection, and generational transition of groups, for the purposes of both direct (IRPEF) and indirect taxes (inheritance and gift taxes).

d. Consultancy and assistance in tax litigation and pre-litigation matters

The firm assists clients during tax assessment audits by the Guardia di Finanza, Agenzia delle Entrate (The Revenue Agency), Social Security Institutions as well as during pre-litigation stages by applying the deflationary institutions granted by the Legislature.

The firm assumes the defence of clients and provides assistance and representation, at all stages of the tax litigation.

The firm’s professionals also assist clients in the drafting of petitions for appeals to the Agenzia delle Entrate (The Revenue Agency).

e. Consultancy and assistance in the internationalisation of companies through indepth analysis of international taxation and Transfer Pricing

The firm advises its clients on international taxation issues, including treaties against double taxation, Tax compliance for direct, VAT and indirect taxes, and refunds to non-residents, issues related to permanent establishments, CFC regime and relations with countries having privileged taxation.

The firm supports entrepreneurs and companies in verifying the correctness of inter- company policies implemented in relation to transfer pricing, as well as in their adoption and revision which are also aimed at obtaining “penalty protection”.

f. Patent Box

The firm’s professionals have gained significant experience regarding Patent Box matters, achieving very satisfactory results for its clients. The firm’s professionals have also carried out important publications on the subject.

g. Consulting in tax reliefs for real estate operations

Fiscal consultancy in tax reliefs for real estate operations includes documents analysis, deductions estimate, and fiscal assistance relative to bonuses and recovery works for the whole operation.

The firm also assists clients with fulfillment related to the compilation, presentation and submission of required telematic forms to the Agenzia delle Entrate (The Revenue Agency), as well as in the potential affixing of the compliance endorsement.