Studio Bandera assists in pre-bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings introduced by the new Business Crisis and Insolvency Code (Codice della Crisi d’Impresa e Insolvenza CCII) both as economic-financial advisor and as legal advisor, with reference to:

  • Negotiation with creditors
  • Extrajudicial debt restructuring agreements
  • Plans of attested recovery
  • Debt restructuring agreements, including facilitated and with extended effectiveness
  • Restructuring plans subject to approval
  • Preventive liquidation or continuity agreements and
  • Bankruptcy/liquidation petitions and management of the proceedings.

All assignments in business crisis and within the framework of insolvency proceedings are handled by a designated team composed by professionals and/or consultants who, by virtue of their experience and constant updating, work with precise synergies and coordinated work plans in order to protect clients’ interests, and thus guaranteeing excellence in the services provided.