The firm assists its clients in the formation of all types of agreements (e.g. sales, supply, lease, distribution, franchise, agency, contract, and licensing agreements).

The firm has a number of professionals who are experts at negotiating and drafting documents and participate on a case-by-case basis depending on the different areas involved, such as commercial law and antitrust law, agency and distribution contracts, intellectual property, licensing and patent agreements or outsourcing of services.

The firm takes on the defence in court of clients, whether natural or juridical persons, in any jurisdiction – ordinary or special – of the State, specifically in the following areas:

  • Corporate/commercial law
  • Tax assessment and litigation
  • Business restructuring and insolvency
  • Family law
  • Labor law
  • As well as others areas of civil law.

In the “pre-litigation” stages, assistance is aimed at enabling the client to make informed decisions, also considering the costs and advantages of processual solutions in comparison with other possible extrajudicial solutions.

Real Estate Consultancy
The firm provides assistance and consultancy in the real estate sector with regard to investment operations, transfer and divestment of assets, companies, and real estate, also by participating in tenders, auctions and calls for tender, with particular attention to contractual matters and the resolution of issues regarding tax regulations.

Banking and financial consultancy and assistance
The firm provides advice and assistance on all contractual relationships maintained by companies and individuals with banks and financial intermediaries in both judicial and extrajudicial contexts.

The firm has highly specialised expertise in:

  • Banking litigation and mediation activities aimed at alternatives to litigation proceedings
  • Management of performing and non
  • Analysis of pathologies applied by the credit institution during the execution of banking relationships
  • Liquidity crisis management, restructuring of debit/credit relationships and renegotiation of contractual conditions applied by the lending institution to the client , such as: current account agreements, credit facilities, mortgages, sureties, pledges, non-possessory liens, leases, shares, derivatives
  • And unlawful reporting to the central risk centre.