a. Corporate consultancy and corporate governance
The firm’s professionals have many years of experience in multiple business sectors and in-depth knowledge of corporate law, which enables them to follow entrepreneurs and companies from their establishment by defining, in accordance with the clients’ specific needs, the most appropriate corporate form, and by outlining the suitable corporate governance arrangements. Assistance includes the identification of adequate organisational, corporate governance, administrative, and control structures.

b. Bookkeeping and tax compliance
The firm takes care of the bookkeeping for businesses and professionals and the processing of all related periodic obligations. The firm, thanks to an in-house accounting department, supports clients by setting up charts of accounts and company accounting procedures. The firm also prepares clients’ financial statements and consolidated financial statements in accordance with national accounting standards and/or IAS-IFRS, interim financial reports, specific financial statements related to extraordinary transactions, and forecast budgets. The firm guarantees the preparation of relevant accompanying documents. The firm guarantees direct in-house management or assistance to the client for what concerns all tax obligations related to income tax, VAT, and other direct and indirect taxes.

c. Corporate Office Positions
Members of the firm, in compliance with the subjective and objective requirements provided for as per the law, hold and may hold, within companies, corporate office positions such as:

  • Statutory Auditor;
  • Auditor;
  • Board member;
  • Sole Director;
  • Member of Supervisory Bodies.


d. Tax consultancy and assistance to natural persons
The firm assists individuals in resolving tax issues related to the purchase and sale of shareholdings and, more generally, in tax planning. The firm takes care of the processing and telematic submission of tax returns and assists its clients in filling in the RW framework which is necessary for monitoring assets held abroad. The firm also offers advice on specific tax issues that have an impact on the tax return aspect.