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Cookies are small text files, containing a certain amount of information, exchanged between a website and the user’s terminal (usually the browser). They are mainly used for the purpose of making websites work and operate more efficiently, as well as for the purpose of providing information to the owners of the website itself.

Cookies can be either session or persistent. Session cookies remain stored in the terminal for a short period of time and are deleted as soon as the user closes the browser. Their use is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to enable secure and efficient exploration of the site. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, remain stored in the user’s terminal until a predetermined expiration date. These, because they are not deleted directly when the browser is closed, allow you to remember the choices you make on your site as well as to collect information about which pages of the site are visited, how often the site is visited, and to identify the users’ browsing pattern in order to improve the experience on the site. Finally, cookies, whether session or persistent, can be either First Party or Third Party depending on whether the party installing the cookies on the user’s terminal is the same operator of the site the user is visiting (we will then speak of First Party cookies) or a different party (we will then speak of Third Party cookies).



Cookies, depending on their purpose, can be qualified as:

  • Technical cookies: these are those cookies that enable navigation and/or provide a service requested by the user (for example, cookies that automatically recognize the language the user is using). These cookies are necessary for the operation of the site and cannot be disabled in our systems.
  • Analytics cookies: are those cookies used by website operators to collect information in an aggregate manner of a statistical nature (e.g. number of website visitors). In turn, analytical cookies can be first-party analytical, installed directly on the site you are visiting, and third-party analytical, made available by third parties.
  • Profiling cookies: these are those cookies that control user navigation, tracking a user’s behavior and preferences expressed in order to send advertising messages in line with their profile. If you do not accept these cookies, you will not be sent targeted advertising.



When not required

According to current regulations for technical, session and analytical cookies that do not do profiling (as they are necessary to provide the requested services) the user’s consent is not required. These include:

  1. Analytics cookies, if used directly by the site operator to collect information, in aggregate form, about the number of users and how they visit the site;
  2. Browsing or session cookies (for authentication);
  3. Functionality cookies that allow the user to navigate according to a set of selected criteria (e.g. language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service rendered to the user

When it is required

For all other types of cookies, consent can be expressed through:

  1. the banner displayed when first accessing this site;
  2. By configuring your browser;
  3. From settings in the use of third-party services.

*Lack of consent may prevent you from fully using or viewing the site’s features.
The options made can be changed at any time. Consent, in particular, can be revoked, without any burden and prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing carried out until revocation.


Specify your consent ID and the date of when you contacted us regarding your consent.

You can view and edit your consent using the button at the bottom left.


Google’s Cookie Use Policy is available at:

Piwik Pro’s Cookie Use Policy is available at:

Cookies normally present:

In rare cases, Cookies may result, used for the purposes outlined in this site’s Privacy Policy and for which consent is not required, which will be retained for as long as strictly necessary for their use. Relevant disclosures can be found at the following links:

OTHER TECHNOLOGIES (Ex. Plugins, Widgets, Local Storage, etc.).

Websites may also provide for interaction with social networks and external platforms through the use of particular technologies, created specifically for these purposes.

Some of the most popular modes of interaction are based on the use of:

Plugin: is a program that interacts with another program so as to be able to extend or extend the original functionality of the former. The most widely used plugins are the social network plugins, which allow you – through one click – to follow a social page or profile, or to highlight your liking to a specific web content and/or share it on your social profile, etc;

Widget: is a graphical user interface component of a program, used to make interaction between the user and the program more immediate and easy. The most commonly used widgets are social network widgets, which allow the user to quickly open the chosen social network in a separate browser window.

All of these services allow interaction with social networks, or otherwise external platforms, directly from the pages of a site. Any interaction and resulting information that may be captured by the site is subject to the privacy settings of the third party that created these technologies.

With regard to the social platforms with which the site allows you to interact, we list below the references of these managers and the link to the page where information about the treatment is available and, where required by law, where you can give or withhold your consent:

– Google Maps widget – info:


– Linkedin widget – info:



This site may contain links or references for access to other sites. Please note that the Data Controller does not control cookies or other tracking technologies on such websites, to which this Policy does not apply.


Normally, browsers allow control of most cookies through the browser’s own settings. Please note, however, that disabling all or part of the so-called technical cookies may affect the use of the site’s functionality.

In any case, if you do not wish to receive any kind of cookies on your computer either from this site or from others, you can raise the level of privacy protection by changing the security settings of your browser:

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Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:


Safari on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:


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